Use themes to change the look of your site: 

We have done some customization, but you are welcome to do more -- and you should if you have basic HTML and CSS knowledge.  Responsive sites can be more difficult to use than fixed-width sites, but if you stick with what our WebTeam has configured, this may not be an issue.

Available Themes

Mobile friendly

Not Mobile Friendly

Menues and themes:  Beware any theme that does not allow submenues and also limits the number of items in a single-level menu structure.  Single level menues are fine when the number of items is unrestricted.  You may have to change themes if you add too many menu items.   As delivered, we assume that sub-menues are available (if not available, menu items will show in a strange order, you can change that by editing the pages).  

The major header-type images have been moved into a an images subdirectory where you can replace them.  sitedesign The images are named by what they are followed by the associated theme.   If you plan to change the theme's major images rarely,  download the image(s) so that you can see what the dimensions are, create your replacement image, then upload that with the name of the image that you are replacing.   If you plan to change one frequently, we can set the theme to read the name of the image from a component.