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You may want to post your newsletters here.
1.  Upload the newsletters (use the files tab).  We recommend that you upload pdf file.
2.  Think about how you want to show these -- we recommend that you adopt "most current" at the top of a list.  You can add headers for years and then list the newsletters for that year.  You will want to make each list item into a link ... so we suggest (I don't have any newsletter to show, so these won't be links).
3.  Also think about file management -- personally, I rename the type of file so that that show in logical order -- my names look like 2017-10_newsletter.pdf, and I would have a newsletter subdirectory in the files (see the files tab).  For simple html, I avoid spaces in file names.
Suggested page content -- you will want to make each newsletter be a link -- 
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