Welcome !

This will be your home page.  Put anything here that you would like people to see immediately.

Learning --

For general info, see the GetSimple intructions Wiki.  The instructions are good, but you likely will not need to change any settings, and we recommend that if you do, that you contact the FNPS WebTeam first.

For FNPS specific instructions, see  template.fnpschapters.org 

When you edit this page, you will be using a simple html editor.  What you see is more or less what you get.  But don't need to try for detailed styling -- the page will be styled by the template that you choose for your site.  If the template has a "home" option, choose that for this page (if you don't change it, it is set now).

The editor has basic controls -- I recommend that you use the dropdown menus (especially the one that has "normal" as the first option.  Minimize font changes and font size changes -- you will prevent the template styles from being applied very well.

If you know HTML, you can use the "source" button in the editor and add anything that you want to add, such as an RSS feed.